What will it cost me?

Let’s cut to the chase. I charge R240 an hour. It usually works out to much the same as if I were charging per word. It’s just easier to keep track of time spent on the job. To give you an idea, I work at the speed of about 300 words per hour for writing; 900 words per hour for copy-editing; and 1500 words per hour for proofreading.
Of course, everything is negotiable. For instance, a full book will deserve a substantial discount as the work is ongoing and long-term. For small jobs, I have a minimum charge of R100 – that will cover anything that takes me 20 minutes or less to check for you.
Please note that my rates will increase annually in January.

What does copywriting include?

For a copywriting job, I would firstly need the information. It can be supplied in point form. If I have to ‘harvest’ information from another source, or if you, the client, cannot supply information then there will be an extra charge for research. I then write up the first draft and email it to you to approve or discuss changes or adjustments with me. Once I’ve implemented the changes, if there are any, you will receive the second draft . . . and so on. Usually by the third draft, everybody is happy.
I am particularly familiar with writing copy for websites and I’m able to supply good, clear and concise SEO copy.

And what about copy-editing?

Before any text, article or manuscript goes to layout, that is, before it is made ready for print, it will be sent to me. I will check it for grammar, spelling, consistency (and consistency in spelling!), clarity, make sure it makes sense, check for repetitions, incorrect tenses and many of those little gremlins that creep in unnoticed when you’re writing. I won’t, however, be responsible for checking facts, dates, names and unusual terms specific to the subject matter – I cannot be a proficient in every field! So, for example, if you’ve written an article the biophysics of the alien brain, I’ll probably not know many of the words and terms you’re using . . . I’ll need you to double-check. I won’t necessarily know the difference between the glucocorticoid and the glucagon!


Ah, now proofreading is tackled after layout, so when the text or manuscript is ready for print. I will check page numbers, line breaks, headings, the contents page and index. I’ll also check for those last little nasties like missing full stops or question marks that have gone AWOL. I go through the text with a fine-toothed comb. The text then goes back for changes to be implemented and back to me to recheck. This process will be repeated up to 3 times if necessary. I will not, however, compile the contents or index – it would be a pleasure to do that for you, but it will cost extra!

What other services do you offer?

At any stage in the process of building your website, usually when it’s ready to go live, I will do a website assessment. This will involve moving through your website as a visitor would, and while I’m doing this, I’ll check that everything makes sense and is easy to understand; I check for ease of navigation, for errors and that all the links actually lead to where they say they will. I’ll also check that the text is easy to read, and if there are any distractions that would lead the potential client’s attention from your product. I’ll then supply you with a report listing the changes that I think should be implemented, if necessary, or to let you know that your website is user-friendly, clear and straightforward.

Still in cyberspace, I will gladly update and put interesting tidbits onto your Social Media sites. This can be great for reaching your clients, depending on what business you’re in. I can also write regular blogs for your business or product. Send me a mail to discuss what you require and prices.

Then, to return to the solid world, as I’ve mentioned, I can compile the contents and index for your book or report. I will also do transcription (typing up) from recording or from written sources, like faxes, for instance, or a handwritten journal. Again, contact me for a quote.

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